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Critical Google Chrome vulnerability could expose your passwords, how to protect yourself

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in Google’s Chrome web browser that could allow hackers to steal victim’s Microsoft service passwords and Windows login credentials remotely. Luckily, some workarounds exist to prevent the issue until Google releases a security update. The vulnerability exist in the way Chrome downloads files in it’s default configuration. Latest version of the popular web browser downloads files automatically...

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A dangerous Android banking trojan discovered that targets 22 Turkish mobile banking apps

ESET researchers have discovered a dangerous Android banking trojan that masquerades as a weather forecast application on Google Play. The malware, dubbed Trojan.Android/Spy.Banker.HU, targeted the users of 22 Turkish mobile banking apps, whose credentials were harvested using fake login forms. Banking trojans are sophisticated piece of malware which designed to steal banking information by using message interception, form grabbing, keystroke logging, screen capturing, fake login...

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European Banks targeted by new version of ‘SmsSecurity’ Android malware

In 2014, Trend Micro discovered a cybercriminal operation, called ‘Operation Emmental’, that uses malicious apps to intercept SMS messages and hijack victim’s banking session. They uncovered that the malicious applications were posing as a banking application that supposedly generates one-time passwords (OTPs) in order to trick victims. These fake OTP generators were named as ‘SmsSecurity’. Two years later, Trend Micro researchers...

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Beware of the fake iOS jailbreak

Jailbreaking iOS is the process of installing modified set of kernel patches in order to bypass user limitations set by the vendor, to gain admin privileges and to install third-party applications/extensions -including those that are not signed by Apple- via “side loading”.  But Jailbreaking, like rooting an Android device, comes with many security risks and can make your device vulnerable to malware infection,...

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Malicious Pokémon GO application installs backdoor on your device

Remote access tools (RAT) are one of the most dangerous malware types. RAT provides attackers with full control over the victim’s system which allows them to remotely access files, private conversations, accounting data and other type of files on the victim’s device. Wrapping popular applications with remote access trojans/tools is one of the methods used by cyber criminals to infect and control victim’s device....

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