Three Mobile data breach: 6 million customers’ personal data at risk

Three Mobile, one of Britain’s biggest mobile operators has admitted that hackers have managed to successfully access its customer upgrade database. It has been reported that the data accessed included names, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth of some 6 million ‘Three Mobile’ customers. Luckily, sensitive financial data were not exposed, according to Telegraph report. It has been revealed that cyber criminals used...

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Massive security hole in iOS allows anyone to bypass iPhone’s passcode and access personal data

A critical security flaw was discovered in iOS 8 and newer versions of the Apple OS, including 10.2 beta 3, that allows anyone to bypass iPhone’s passcode on Lockscreen and gain acces to personal data. Passcode is simply a password that consist of 4-digits (6 digits or alphanumeric characters on some devices) which helps to prevent other people from accessing your device....

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Linux vulnerability grants Root Shell access by pressing ‘Enter’ for 70 seconds!

Cyber security researchers Hector Marco and Ismael Ripoll have discovered a serious vulnerability in many Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, that allows both remote and local attackers to bypass authentication and launch a shell with ROOT permissions just by pressing the ‘Enter’ key for 70 seconds! This vulnerability is specially serious in environments like libraries, ATMs,...

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Telecrypt ransomware uses Telegram Messenger to communicate with C&C. Here is how to decrypt your files.

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new ransomware, called Telecrypt, that uses Telegram Messenger as a covert channel between the Command and Control (C&C) server and the compromised device. By using Telegram Messenger’s communication protocol, Telecrypt ransomware performs secure key exchange with the C&C server, which becomes hard to track through network traffic monitoring. It is also noticed that Telecrypt is the first ransomware...

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5 major Russian banks hit by a wave of powerful DDoS attacks

It is reported that at least five major Russian Banks, including Sberbank and Alfabank were hit by a wave of powerful DDoS attacks. According to a source close to Russia’s Central Bank, the attacks began Tuesday afternoon and continued for two days. Sberbank and Alfabank confirmed the DDoS attacks. ‘We registered a first attack early in the morning … the next attack in...

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F5 BIG-IP ASM Web Application Firewall vulnerability allows remote attackers to launch DoS attack

A ‘high severity’ vulnerability was discovered in ‘F5 Networks BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM)’ web application firewall that allows a remote attacker to conduct denial-of service (DoS) attack. BIG-IP ASM is one of the popular enterprise web application firewalls (WAF). According to F5 Networks, it is deployed in more data centers than any enterprise WAF.  It is available as an appliance, virtual...

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Payment company recommends banks to block over 100.000 Danish-issued debit cards due to increasing abuse

Last week, several banks in India, including SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI, YES Bank and Axis, started procedures to block and reissue over 3.2 million payment cards due to malware infection on the system of a local payment processor. It has been discovered that attackers managed to infect malware on Hitachi Payment services (which provides ATM, PoS and other services)  and collected credit card...

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Apple released security updates to patch critical iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS vulnerabilities.

If you own Mac, iPhone (5 and later), iPad (4th generation and later), iPod touch (6th generation and later), Apple TV (4th generation) or Apple watch, you need to install the latest Apple security updates. Company has released security updates for it’s operating systems including iOS, macOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS to patch critical vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities allows an attacker...

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Linux.BackDoor.FakeFile.1, the new Linux backdoor detected in the wild

Although the vast majority of malware is created to attack Windows operating systems, Linux systems can be infected as well. Because Linux is one of the most widely and constantly used operating systems in desktop computers, web servers, IoT devices, embedded systems, routers, surveillance cameras or different server infrastructures, it becomes a valuable target for cyber criminals. Security firms observing increase in malware types...

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Over 43 million Weebly accounts leaked. FourSquare breach claimed.

Unfortunately data breach news keeps coming every week. After LinkedIn, Dropbox, Tumblr, MySpace and record-breaking Yahoo data breach (500 million accounts was compromised), now popular web-hosting company Weebly confirmed that more than 43 million user’s account information including usernames, passwords, email and ip addresses obtained by an unauthorized party. According to Weebly, this data breach affects customers who registered before March...

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Juniper released software updates to fix vulnerabilities in Junos CLI, Junos Space, CTPView, vMX and Junos J-Web interface.

Juniper released software updates to fix some critical vulnerabilities in Junos OS Command Line Interface, Junos Space, CTPView, Virtual MX series (vMX) router software and Junos OS J-Web interface. Junos Space Network Management Platform vulnerabilities Junos Space Network Management Platform contains critical vulnerabilities and any Juniper products/platforms running Junos Space prior to version 15.2R2 need to be updated as soon as possible. According...

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Mirai malware infecting AirLink Cellular Gateway devices, password change needed!

Mirai is a dangerous malware that is designed to infect Internet of Things (IoT) devices by scanning the internet for devices with factory default passwords in order to make these devices a part of a botnet and to perform DDoS attacks. Mirai is also the bot used in one of the largest DDoS attacks. Brain Kreb’s blog was recently targeted by a...

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Ongoing DoS attacks against BIND DNS software reported, update needed!

BIND is the most widely used ‘Domain Name System’ (DNS) software on the Internet, which originally designed for BSD operating systems. And it is a de facto standard on Unix-based systems. On September 27, Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) released a security advisory to highlight a critical vulnerability that allows remote attackers to cause a denial-of-service (DoS) via a crafted query. It is one...

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Windows Script File ( WSF ) attachments being increasingly used for ransomware delivery.

Spam emails are one of the mostly used mediums by attackers in an attempt to trick the user into opening the mail and clicking on the links within the mail or opening a malicious attachment, which leads to malware infection. And it seems that malicious Windows Script Files (WSF) are the latest file types being used by cyber criminals recently to spread ransomware....

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How to protect your Mac against webcam spying with a free tool

‘Webcam hijacking’ is one of the mostly used attack types when the attacker wants to spy on his target. By infecting a computer with Remote Access Trojans (RAT), an attacker becomes able to access and control victim’s webcam device (besides controlling other hardware components or OS functions and remotely accessing files). Since Remote Access Trojans are openly available and a simple to use malware...

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‘U by BB&T’ iOS banking application fails to properly verify SSL certificates

‘Improper certificate validation’ is simply a vulnerability in which a software fails to properly validate certificates provided by HTTPS connections. This vulnerability allows a man-in-the-middle attacker to spoof servers and obtain sensitive information (such as login credentials) via a crafted certificate. If you are using ‘U by BB&T’ application, the mobile banking application of ‘BB&T-Branch Banking and Trust’ (one of the largest financial...

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How to decrypt files encrypted by Cerber ransomware?

If your files are encrypted and turned into random file name of 10 characters with the file extension “.cerber”, and you see a ransom message saying “Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted!”, then you are a victim of the Cerber ransomware, version 1 (Cerber V1). The good news is you don’t have to pay anything, because a...

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How to recover files encrypted by MarsJoke (aka Polyglot), Rannoh, CryptXXX and Fury ransomware

On September 22, Proofpoint detected [1] a large-scale email campaign that targets state and local government agencies and educational institutions to distribute MarsJoke (a.k.a. Polyglot) ransomware. The messages in this campaign was referencing a major national air carrier and consisting of a convincing email body and variety of subject lines, like ‘Checking tracking number’, ‘Check your package’, Check your TN’, ‘Track your package’ and...

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New Xpan ransomware uses RDP brute-force attacks. Read how to decrypt your files.

Since the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in it’s default configuration is vulnerable to certain types of attacks and it may provide the ability for a hacker to get direct access to a server on the local network, securing the RDP is something crucial. As a recent example, Kaspersky Lab security researchers have discovered a new variant of Brazilian-made ransomware, Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Xpan, that...

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D-Link DWR-932 B router plagued with Backdoors

If you are using a D-Link DWR-932 B access point to connect 4G LTE mobile network, you need to know that it is one of the most vulnerable access points and you have almost an open door to your network or personal computer. The product status is still ‘Live’, which means this router/access point is currently being manufactured by D-Link and still on...

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